divendres, 16 de gener de 2015

Family Games (Creative Day)

On the 15th of January we had our Creative Day. This time, the theme of the games were "family games". The Children, during the Christmas Holidays, asked their families which playground games they used to play when they were young. The students chose the most creative game and complete a game-sheet in order to share the game with the rest of the class. 

We were able to complete some of the games within our Physical Education classes. This gave the students the opportunity to lead a group of people and gain many leadership skills. 

This was a 3rd successful Creative Day! The Children enjoyed playing their family games, for example Marbles, El Potro, El Bote-Bote, El Bando, El Churro-Media Manga o Manga Entera and many more.

We are looking forward to see what the next edition is about! 

Óscar Padilla
PE teacher

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