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Creative Day

Sometimes we find kids on the playground who don't know what to play because they have no ball. That's exactly what this new project called "Creative Day" wants to change.
Last November 5th the new PE department project called "Creative Day" started.  From now on, once a month, our students from Primary are going to play more creatively during the playground time. The students from 1st to 6th grade Primary are squeezing their minds to create new games. These can be invented by them or just taken from their experiences in the PE lessons, extracurricular lessons or family and friends. The games have to be “dynamic, cooperative and creative”.
The aim of this project is to improve our students creativity and to add more game ideas in their bag. They will learn how to entertain themselves in changing conditions by using their creativity.
The creativity is one of the most important aspects of human ability. The training of the creative capacity will lead our students to succeed in their academic marks and later on their professional career.
Next Creative Day:
  • December 3rd
  • January 14th
  • February 4th
  • March 4th
  • April 8th
  • May 6th
  • June 3rd
Oscar Padilla
PE Primary teacher

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